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How do I upload my Right to Work?
How do I upload my Right to Work?

What documents do I need and how do I upload them?

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You are eligible to work in the UK if you are a British citizen, a person with settled status in Britain, such as Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU settled status, or if you have valid immigration status which allows you to carry out relevant work, such as a Skilled Worker visa.

As a responsible employer, we need to be able to evidence that we have performed the necessary checks to ensure that we comply with employment law.

At the start of your application, we check this with you and below we will explain what you can submit and how.

How to Get Started

Once you have registered on the app, you will be presented with the Home page and you will see that Step 1 (Complete your checks) is highlighted for you to complete.

Once you click on Step 1, you will be directed to the Orka Check website to complete your Checks. Please press 'Submit your Checks'.

On the Orka Check website, please press 'Right to work and Identity check'.

Select which document you would like to upload as your Right to Work document, from the four options listed below.

Route 1: Passport

If using a passport, it needs to be from the United Kingdom/Ireland.

You will be directed to Yoti where you will asked for a photo of your passport.

Select if your passport is from the UK/ Ireland.

Yoti will want to access your camera, please allow this. Yoti will be taking pictures of your passport to upload the pictures onto your profile. If you need help on your pictures, please press 'See our guidelines'.

You will be asked to check if you are happy with your image. If the image does not follow the guidelines, please retake it.

You will need to ensure that the entire page is clear, well lit and in the frame, as in the right-hand side image above. Make sure that there is no glare and that you are holding the passport still, so the image is not blurry.

Do not cover up the MRZ code (two lines of text at the bottom) or cut off any part of the image.

The signature needs to be visible, but it is ok for you to keep the passport open with your hand as long as it is not covering any details on the passport.

Once your passport picture is taken, you will be asked to say if you are happy with it. Please make sure it follows our guidelines. If it doesn't please press 'No, Retake', and re-take the picture.

Route 2: Share Code

If you have a Share Code, then you will be prompted to enter it on the app. You can obtain this here:

Once you have entered your Share Code and Date of Birth, you click 'Submit code'.

While your Share Code is pending the bar will show half way, you can complete your ID Check while you wait.

When your Share Code has been checked and approved by our team, a green tick will appear. If it has failed, there will be a red cross and you will have the option to re-submit your Share Code.

Route 3: Any Other Document

If you are waiting for a new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), you will need to contact the Community Team and explain that you require them to conduct a check using the Employer Checking Service (ECS).

If you do not have a UK/Irish Passport and cannot obtain a share code, you can provide a UK Birth Certificate or a paper visa - please select the relevant option.

You can follow these instructions here so that you know how to take the picture correctly.

Once you have taken the picture, you will need to wait for the Check team to review this.

If the image you have submitted fully meets the guidelines above, Part 1 of your Right to Work will be completed.

Once you have completed all the steps, and you are full cleared to work. You will need to send us your Right to Work document as Part 2.

In order to do this - we need you to send us your original Right to Work document to:
Orka Technology Group,
ABC Buildings,
21-23 Quay St,
M3 4AE
This will need to be sent with recorded delivery to ensure the safety of the document. Please read the information on this link for more details:
The reason we ask for this to be sent with recorded delivery is that this is the only way for you to protect your document when sending. If you choose to send without this precaution, please note that Orka Works takes no responsibility if your document is lost/damaged in transit.
Once you have posted it - it's vital that you keep the proof of postage receipt safe and that you send us a photo of it so that it can be tracked.
Please also confirm that the address we have on file for yourself is correct and is the address that you would like the document to be returned to.
We will then set up a call with you once we have received the document in order to run our final checks.

Common Mistakes and Fixes

  • Please make sure your fingers aren't covering any part of the documents like below.

  • You need to make sure that there is no glare on the document and the entire document is visible, i.e. it is not cropped or cut off.

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