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A number of different settings are available when creating an assessment module. Whilst some are more self-explanatory (for example, border colour and border size), others can change the way the module works. Let's take a look…

How to navigate to assessment settings

  • Click on the assessment module on your page.

  • The Settings palette will then be activated, and can be found in the right-hand panel under the Settings tab/palette.

Max Attempts

Choose how many attempts a visitor can have to take/retake an assessment.

  • Ensure 'Capture Email' is set to 'Required'.

  • Enter the maximum number of attempts into the 'Max Attempts' field.

  • The reader will be shown the number of remaining attempts on the last screen of the assessment.

This is a powerful feature and it's important to be mindful when using it. For example, only allowing a reader one attempt to accept a job offer is not recommended just in case they make a mistake!

Hide Retry Button

Stop visitors from being able to retry the assessment.

  • Select the checkbox.

  • The Retry button will no longer appear to the visitor when completing the assessment.

One Question at a time

Choose how the questions display to your visitors.

By default, questions will appear one at a time with a progress bar along the top.

  • Unselect the checkbox to display all question together one after another.

Ask Visitor for feedback

Add a free text field to capture a response to an open-ended questions, comments or feedback.

  • Select the 'Ask Visitor for Feedback' checkbox.

  • A default title will be provided, but can be amended to your choice of wording if required.

  • The free text field will appear at the end of the assessment once the questions have been answered.

Any comments or feedback entered by the visitor can be viewed within Analytics.

Review Answers Before Submission

Visitors can have a final look at their answers before they submit the assessment, giving them the opportunity to make amendments.

  • Select the 'Review Answers Before Submission' checkbox.

  • Before the visitors submits, they can review their answers and select 'Back' if they wish to return and make any changes to their selection.

Review Answers After Submission

Reinforce learning by providing valuable feedback to your visitors once they have submitted an assessment.

  • Select the 'Review Answers After Submission' checkbox.

  • Edit the assessment and enter your feedback into the 'After submission feedback' field.

Feedback can be added for both questions and answers. Remember to keep it clear and concise!

When a visitor submits, they will be shown the feedback. It's a great solution to reinforce learning, as you can show visitors the correct answer to each question and provide feedback/comments to support why it is correct.

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