This feature makes it possible to automatically trigger interactivity in your document without the reader clicking on a glowing area on the page. For example, a reader can watch a video and once the video has finished a survey can automatically launch.

Find out how to add interactivity automation here.

Top tips

Remember to add the interactivity you wish to trigger off-page
If this is not done, the reader will be able to select it on the page, rather than it be triggered by another piece of interactivity.

Be mindful when naming your interactivity
The name of a piece of interactivity will display in the Settings drop-down list when setting up automation. It's important that it is clear and logical so you know which one to select.

Interactivity can be renamed in the Settings palette:

Automating a video
If you wish to automate a video (for example, play a video when a More Information pop-up has been closed), ensure the Play Video option is chosen from the Action drop-down list.

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