What is Automation?
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Automation is an exciting feature that makes it possible to automatically trigger Interactivity without the visitor having to select a clickable area on the page.


Ryan has created a Social Media Policy and would like to test his staff on the information shown in a video within the document. In order to do this, he uses Automation to automatically launch an Assessment module once the video has finished playing.

Top tips

  • Position the piece of Interactivity that you want to automate off-page - this will prevent the visitor from being able to select it themselves.

  • Be mindful when naming Interactivity - it will display in the Settings drop-down list when setting up Automation, so is important that it is clear and logical, so you know which one to select.

  • If you want to set a Video module to automatically trigger, ensure the 'Play a Video' option is selected from the 'Action' drop-down list.

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