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A survey is a quick and easy way to gather feedback from your visitors. Although set up similarly to the Assessment/Test module, there is no scoring as your visitors do not pass or fail, they simply provide you with their views and opinions.

How to add a Survey

  • Select the ‘Assessment’ type from the ‘Add Interactivity' palette.

  • Select the 'Survey' option.

  • Click and drag out the area to add to your page - this is the area that the visitor will click to open the survey.

  • A pop-up box will then open ready for you to add questions, answers and results.

How to add questions and answers

  1. Add your question into the 'Question' field.

  2. Use the small bin icon to delete a question.

  3. Add the answer(s) into the 'Answers' section.

  4. Use the 'Add' button to add another answer.

  5. Use the small bin icon to delete an answer.

It's possible to add an image to a question by selecting the 'Insert Image' button. Although not mandatory, it can be used to support your question or add visual interest.

Adding a Result

A 'result' is a pop-up box that displays once a visitor has submitted a survey. It's a useful way to thank them for completing the survey, or provide additional information to them.

  • Select the 'Results tab'.

  • Enter a suitable name in the 'Result Name' field (For example, Thank You).

  • Enter some text into the 'Result Message' field - this is the text that the visitor will see once they have submitted the survey.


The Settings palette will activate by clicking a module already added to your document. You can then apply settings, such as border colour and border size.

Max Attempts

Choose how many attempts a visitor can submit the survey.

  • Ensure 'Capture Email' is set to 'Required'.

  • Enter the maximum number of attempts into the 'Max Attempts' field.

  • The reader will be shown the number of remaining attempts on the last screen of the survey.

Be mindful when using this feature - if you are collating views or suggestions for something such as a work event, do you really want visitors to be able to to complete it more than once?

One Question at a time

  • Choose how the questions display to your visitors. By default, questions will appear one at a time.

  • Unselect the checkbox to display all question together one after another.

Ask Visitor for feedback

Add a free text field to capture a response to an open-ended questions, comments or feedback.

  • Select the 'Ask Visitor for Feedback' checkbox.

  • A default title will be provided, but can be amended to your choice of wording if required.

  • The free text field will appear at the end of the survey once the questions have been answered.

💡 Any comments or feedback entered by the visitor can be viewed within Analytics.

Review Answers Before Submission

Visitors can have a final look at their answers before they submit the survey, giving them the opportunity to make amendments.

  • Select the 'Review Answers Before Submission' checkbox.

  • Before the visitors submits, they can review their answers and select 'Back' if they wish to return and make any changes to their selection.

Review Answers After Submission

Providing feedback to your visitors about their selection once they have submitted a survey.

  • Select the 'Review Answers After Submission' checkbox.

  • Edit the survey and enter your feedback into the 'After submission feedback' field.

💡 Feedback can be added for both questions and answers. Remember to keep it clear and concise!

When a visitor submits, they will be shown the submission feedback. It's a great way to provide feedback or additional information about the survey they have just completed.

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