When you complete a pay run and you are on the review page of the run payroll page you will have the option to save and send a payslip. If you do not wish to send the payslip yet click save.

To send a payslip after you have completed your pay run, select the pay run in the Run Payroll section.

If you wish to send all of your payslips, click on the green ‘Send’ button.

If you wish to send a single payslip to an employee, click on the blue arrow button below their name.

If you wish to view/print/download all of the payslips, click on the yellow View Payslip button.

Once you do this, you will see the relevant download and print buttons.

To view/print/download the payslip of just one employee, click on the green page button below their name.

Once again, you will see the relevant print and download buttons.

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