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Send/view/print payslips
Send/view/print payslips

Learn how to send, view and print payslips in Payroller

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Learn how to send, view and print payslips in Payroller with our simple guide below.

Once you create a pay run, entered the dates, finalised the Adjust section, and you’ve clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be taken to the Review page. You can also view a payslip from a completed pay run.

Here you will have the option to ’Preview Payslip’ and/or ‘Save and send a payslip’.

If you do not wish to send the payslip yet click ‘Save’.

To view a payslip after you have completed your pay run.

Step 1: Select the pay run in the ‘Payroll & STP’ section.

Option 1: To send all the employees on the pay run their payslips, click on the green ‘Send’ button.

Option 2: To send a single payslip to an employee, click on the blue arrow button below their name.

Option 3: If you wish to view/print/download all of the payslips, click on the yellow ‘View Payslip’ button.

Once you do this, you will see the relevant download and print buttons.

Option 4: To view/print/download the payslip of just one employee, click on the green page button below their name.

Once again, you will see the relevant print and download buttons.

You can also view and send individual employee payslips in the people section and clicking the employee card

If your employee does not receive their payslips, get them to check out their junk email. If it is not in their junk mail please reach out to us at

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