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Creating pay runs
Editing pay rate in a pay run
Editing pay rate in a pay run

Learn how to view and edit the pay rate in a pay run with Payroller

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Learn how to view and edit the pay rate in a pay run with our simple guide below.

If you wish to permanently change the Pay Rate for future pay runs you can do this in the employee card.

To add additional rates such as Overtime, weekend rates, and other working rates you can use the Extra hours field.

To Edit a pay run follow this guide.

Step 1: Click on '+ New Pay Run'.

Step 2: Customise the Pay Run Period, the Pay Period Ending date, and the Payment Date, and select ‘Lets Start!’.

Step 3: This shows the rate per hour. View and edit the pay rate by clicking on the box and typing in the relevant amount.

If you have recurring additional rates amount you can add this in the Templates section of the employee card.

Learn how to make changes to pay runs relating to extra hours with our other simple guides below:

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