To edit employee details, go to the People section in the left-hand column.

Click the settings section on the relevant employee.

In the employee card, there are a number of areas that can be customised.

  • Status: Edit whether an employee is active, deactivated or roster only. For steps on how to do this please follow this guide

  • Remove an employee: Removing an employee will not remove them from previously generated pay runs. Removed employees can also be restored by following this guide.

  • Personal: customise an employees first name, last name, gender, email address, mobile number, and address.

  • Bank & Super: customise the payment method and super for your employee. The payment method is important if you are downloading the ABA file from Payroller to pay your employees. For super, you can edit the type of super, the membership number, and the contribution rate.

  • Employment: customise the job title, start date, employment type (casual, part-time, full-time), weekly work hours, leave loading percentage, pay period (all, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly), pay rate, and pay frequency (per hour, per day, per annum).

  • Tax: customise your employees' date of birth, status of residency, income type, tax file number, and indicate whether your employee claims tax-free threshold, has a study and training loan, is horticulturalist or shearer, or has a child support obligation. It’s important that this information is correct as this will affect how much tax the system calculates. If no TFN is added, the system will calculate tax as though the employee does not have a TFN

  • Opening balance: Add or customise any opening balances that may have accumulated for your employees prior to starting Payroller.

  • Pay Template: Add or customise the pay run template for your employees. Add recurring elements such as Bonus, Extra hours, Allowance, Deduction, Child support, Superannuation or apply a fixed tax.

Select Save once you're done.

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