If Tali will not accept a new cheque or paying-in slip number, this is probably because it is a duplicate number and Tali prevents the duplication of these numbers in error.  This applies to each bank account on the system.

The paying-in slip numbers may be duplicated because:

  • The bank has sent duplicated stationery.

  • The school has changed banks.

If the bank has sent duplicated stationery:

  • Request new sequentially numbered stationery from the bank, OR

  • Enter a number in the first position that 'shifts' the range to a higher sequence (e.g. if your printed stationery starts at 00001, enter 10001 on the system.

If the school has changed banks, set up a new bank account in Tali and transfer the the money from the old bank account to the new one:

Note: This approach provides a new cheque and paying-in slip number range. 

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