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How do I draw a cheque for cash?
How do I draw a cheque for cash?

Draw a cheque for cash

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Draw cheque for Cash

  1. Select Bank & Cash > Draw Cheque for Cash.

  2. Enter all the relevant details:
    Bank account the cheque is to be raised from.
    The full value of the cheque.
    Cheque number (Note: the cheque number should match the actual cheque number you are taking to be cashed.)
    Relevant date.

  3. Click Draw Cheque.

If you make a mistake

You cannot cancel drawing a cheque for cash. 

If you make an error, pay the cash into the bank using the below options from the below, and repeat the above process.

  • Select Bank & Cash > Pay Income to Bank.

  • Enter the amount of cash and the relevant paying-in slip details.

  • Click Pay Income to Bank


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