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How do I update my student names?
How do I update my student names?

Update student names from Sims manually

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If you don't or can’t use MISapp, which is a small Tali add-on that runs alongside Tali and pulls the data you want across from SIMS into Tali each night, you can create a file of student names which you can then upload to Tali in Administration>Manage Names.

Although the information given here is directed at SIMS users, this file (you'll need to create a csv) can be generated from any Student Management programme by using the following steps and fields below, a more generic version of these instructions can be found here:

  • Click Reports

  • Click Design

  • Click Create a New Report

  • Click Student

  • Click Next

  • Click On Roll

  • Click Next

  • Identify the fields required for the comma-separated value (CSV) file.

  • From the list on your right, select the first 3 fields. Highlight and double click on:

  • Now double-click Registration and select the next 3 fields from the expanded list:
    Year Group
    Registration Group

  • Then click Next.

  • Click Next if no filter is to be applied.

  • Click Next if no sort order is required.

  • Click Next if no effective date is required.
    To create this as a CSV file you must select TEXT from the types of file offered. You will then see a box with comma separated highlighted and an empty field box in which you will enter the file name. Use the filename (Students.csv) and save this to your Desktop.

  • Select Next and click Run my Report.
    Once this export has run and the file been saved to somewhere you can then find it later for the next step

Upload Names to Tali

In Tali go to>Administration > Manage Names > Import Names.

Find/Select the CSV file then UPLOAD File. Do not import Names at the bottom yet if you would like us to check it for you the first time before you import it. Just send us a message, bottom right of your Tali software requesting that we check the import for you.

Please note, Tali matches student names by their UPN, so this is very important to have these on your file and will save any duplicated names entering your system. You must create a file with all your current pupils names on it every time please.

VERY IMPORTANT - Please read all the steps before you begin.

To Action the upload - navigate to> Admin>Manage Names>Import Names (bottom)

> Tick boxes (flood fill each page or **show more names on one page by selecting eg 250 names at the bottom right of the last name)

>Import names, repeat as required to clear all the names

**Top tip - you can show more names on one page by selecting eg 250 names at the bottom right of the last name, please though be patient with this method if you choose to do larger numbers at one time, you can flood fill from the top, importing then one page at a time. Wait for Tali to 'Refresh' after doing each import. Any names left will still need importing on a second or third run as Tali works through larger numbers of names.

NB: Please check the pre-imported file pages carefully each time before you press import names to make sure that you have no obvious duplicates and that the majority of your names match left to right as most of your names will already be in your software - this ensures you have a successful import. If at any time you are in doubt - don't import the names and ask us to take a look for you.

Don't forget to archive any old names by marking them out of use occasionally.

Using Administration>Manage Names>Updated names for MISapp users or Batch Actions in Administration>Manage Names for manually archiving;

>Select the names in the List of Names that you want to mark out of use.

>Select 'Out of Use' to mark all the selected names as out of use.

>Click Update Names to apply the action to the names.

Note: It is your responsibility to handle personal data in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

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