How does my queue work?

Penji's queue

Updated over a week ago

Every project that you submit inside Penji, will be added to your queue inside of Penji. All projects have a maximum turnaround time of 48 hours max.

You can submit as many projects as you'd like and every project will be located within your queue. You can move your projects around as you see fit based on the needs of your business.

The projects that are being worked on will be moved to active. Those that are not being worked on will be below the active section and will be located in your queue.

With all of our subscriptions, you are allowed ONE NEW project at a time. A new slot will be unlocked once that NEW project becomes a revision.

Now, let's say you are working with one of your customers, and a project is completed for that customer. You know this customer in and out and know that they are a bit slow to get back to you. Well, you have two options. You can either move the project to "on hold" or complete it.

This way, you are not waiting for that customer to get back to you and it takes up a precious spot within your queue inside of Penji. Once the customer decides to get back to you, you can go back to either your completed or on-hold categories and bring that project back to your active queue.

We will work on that project based on where you place the project within your queue and get to it like a normal project.

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