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How do I organize/manage my project queue?
How do I organize/manage my project queue?

Managing your queue

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Managing your queue can differ between a project taking one day vs. two.

Typically, a customer will receive their projects within 24-48 hours; however, there are times that communication can be much quicker than these projected timelines.

Continue to check your notifications to be alerted when a team member reaches out or submits a deliverable.

To maximize your efficiency, here are some best practices on how to manage your project queue:

Project Submission:

Submit as many projects as you'd like.

The more tasks you add, each request will be recorded below one another. While looking at your queue, you may change the priority of the project.

To change the order or re-arrange your projects, you can click and drag the project to where you want the project to go.

Your designer will work on all your projects based on your assigned order.

On Hold:

This feature is primarily used for those types of projects that need approval.

Whether it's your client or an internal team member, within your Penji dashboard, you can place a project on hold at any time.

Doing so will allow the project to be removed from your active queue. Then once you obtain the feedback and approval for the project, you can take the project from on hold and move the project back to your active queue or mark it complete.

From Complete to Active:

Penji keeps track of all your completed projects if you need to revisit an old project, head over to your completed queue and move the project back into your active queue.

Duplicate a project:

If you're the type of customer that needs similar design projects often, Penji allows you the ability to duplicate a project.

If you're creating similar projects, we recommend making a master design project.

This master design project has all of the details like:

  • Size

  • Variations

  • Images

  • Content

  • And color schemes

Typically this is a project you already have the files for and need some quick work to complete the task. Using the duplicate feature will save you a TON of time and will reduce your workload from having to create a unique project description each time.

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