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How to move an active project to on hold?
How to move an active project to on hold?

No worries, feel free to put your projects on hold when needed!

Updated over a week ago

Some days we will need to put on hold our projects, either to wait for further instructions or approval from our clients or we will need some time to brainstorm better the direction we want to take for our projects, and with Penji, that's okay.

  1. Within your active queue, click on the "Options" button. By clicking on the "Options" button, a pop-up will appear.

  2. Then click on the "Put on hold" button.

  3. Once you move the project into the on-hold bin, you can then review the project and make the necessary changes if needed. Once you're ready to move the project back into your queue, simply click on the "Move to active" button and the project will be active again.

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