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How does Penji handle revisions?
How does Penji handle revisions?

Revisions. They happen.

Updated over a week ago

Regardless of the size, all revisions will be completed by the original designer.

There may be times when a current on-duty designer can take over the revision for you and complete the last-minute/expedited change; however, this can not always be guaranteed.

You see, at Penji, we have two teams:

  1. Night Time Team (9 pm to 6 am ET)

  2. Day Time Team (9 am to 6 pm ET)

Each team has a specific shift and a set of designers. Pending on your subscription allows you particular access to a finite group of designers. If there is a continuous need for expedited project delivery, we recommend that you change your current subscription with Penji.

There are situations where a quick design project can be completed in under 10 minutes. If an off-duty designer does deem that the project will take under 10 minutes to complete, your chances of completion are much higher.

At Penji, we care deeply about quality. We’ve found that allowing the original designer to complete the revision will significantly increase the chances of receiving a positive project experience.

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