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How do I update/change my email?
How do I update/change my email?

Updating or changing your email.

Updated over a week ago

On your Penji Dashboard, it’s quite easy to update your email and password.

To update your email:

1. Log in to your Penji account.

2. Click Your Name on the upper right corner of your dashboard.

3. Click Profile and account on the drop-down menu.

4. On the top header, click on Settings.

5. Enter the new email on the Security field.

6. Hit Enter and the page will log you out instantly. You will be asked to log in again using the new email.

To set up/change your password:

1. You can set up a password for maximum security. You may also change the password by clicking on the Change password button.

2. Enter the old password and type in the new one. Click Change password to save.

3. Wait for a notification message that will pop out from the lower-left corner that says, “Your password successfully changed!

All Penji clients will also have the option to customize the notifications they would like to receive. On the Settings page, you can check or uncheck these four options to limit the email notifications:

  • New designs are uploaded

  • Messages from Penji members

  • Messages from team members

  • New Penji software updates

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