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Start here: What is the best way to get started with Perspective?
Start here: What is the best way to get started with Perspective?

This article shows you how to get straight into implementation with Perspective.

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Welcome, we're happy to have you here! Let's get started.

In this article, you will learn how to navigate the Perspective Editor right away, how to customize the settings for your Perspective account and how to find help and instructions in seconds.

This article at a glance:

💡 Perspective is constantly evolving, so the design of your home view may look just slightly different. However, the features are all still available for you, as long as listed here. If not, just ask the support team for help.

1. Get to know your Perspective account

2. Navigate your account settings

3. Easily find the help center

By clicking on your your name tag in the upper right corner (as shown below) of your Perspective account's home view, you can easily find the link to our help center.

This is how you find the Perspective Help Center.

4. Explore the Path to Success

Every Perspective user has free access to our very own and original Perspective academy, the Path to Success. The video academy offers free step-by-step training videos on which funnel suits you, how to position yourself and your company correctly, how to successfully optimize your funnel & how to place successful ads in your industry. 🎓

Learn more about the path to success.

5. Find out about our Community

The Perspective Funnels Community has thousands of members, and over 100 passionate marketers have joined our English speaking Perspective's Global Community. We host weekly funnel feedback sessions and everyone answers each other's questions about mobile funnels. Join the global community and enjoy feedback from marketers, recruiters, entrepreneurs and the Perspective team. 🙌

6. Do you already know the Perspective Mobile Funnel Crash Course?

Qualified customers & exciting applicants - daily in your inbox? Our free video crash course with Perspective's Head of Growth Niels Klement shows you the 6 most successful funnel templates including practical examples: 2,459 leads for 4€ each with the matching ads and a personalized bonus. Sign up here!

Head of Growth Niels inviting you to join our Mobile Funnel Crash Course.

Find more information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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