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How are our prices displayed (gross or net)?
How are our prices displayed (gross or net)?

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How are our prices displayed (gross or net)?

The prices on our website are displayed as net prices. Invoicing is done for German companies, including value-added tax (VAT).

You will be presented with the net amount on your invoice. You can also see the net amount in the price table on the website. The VAT is then added to calculate the gross invoice amount, which adds up to what you will be charged.

Prices for companies outside of Germany?

For companies from other countries, we use the reverse charge procedure. That means that our team issues an invoice showing the net price excluding VAT. You will then need to declare your taxes correctly and pay the VAT in your own country. To do this, it is essential to provide your tax number in your profile BEFORE you receive an invoice.

Example for a company from Austria?

For companies that are registered in Austria, invoices are generated showing net prices if you provide the ATU number in the profile BEFORE you receive an invoice.

  1. Click on the blue profile icon at the top right of your Perspective account.

  2. Select the "Settings" tab.

  3. Make changes to your "Billing Address".

  4. Then, enter the correct address with the country as "Austria" and your ATU number.

If you have provided your ATU number as part of your billing address, the invoice will automatically be issued without VAT.

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