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What is a CRM contact?
What is a CRM contact?

Learn how a CRM contact is created and tracked

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What is a CRM Contact?

A CRM contact is any funnel visitor that enters their contact details.

This can be either their email address or phone number through the respective input fields in the funnel form block.
When a new lead leaves their contact details, you will find the CRM contact entry in the CRM section of your funnel. Simply go to your funnel and click on the contact icon in the upper right corner.

Can a Contact in the CRM Contain Multiple Sessions?

Yes, one CRM contact can contain multiple sessions, offering you the most complete data solution. This approach allows the consolidation of fragmented sessions, making the CRM more efficient and effective.

In practice this has the following implications:

  1. If a person visits, leaves, and then comes back to finish giving their information, all the details are combined.

  2. If a person changes or corrects answers before becoming a contact, the newest information is saved.

  3. If a person, after becoming a contact, returns to change their details, the CRM contact information is updated.

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