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Why do I see different contact numbers in the CRM and Analytics section?
Why do I see different contact numbers in the CRM and Analytics section?

Understand what the difference is between contacts in the CRM area and in the Analytics area

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It is not unlikely for you to see different total numbers of contacts in the CRM and the Contacts page within the Analytics area.

This is for 2 reasons:

Different definitions: Analytics contacts vs CRM contacts

Analytics contacts

Analytics contacts are tracked on single, continuous or uninterrupted funnel-walkthroughs.

That means if a visitor returns to a funnel after interrupting their previous session, there is no consolidation happening between the data entered during their first and second walkthrough. This can result in multiple or incomplete entries.

Sessions end in the following cases:

  • Visitor closes the funnel tab

  • Visitor visits another site in the same tab

Good to know 💡
This contact definition is great for testing your own funnels without having to clear cookies in-between test walkthroughs.

It's also helpful, when you are tracking multiple different contacts on the same device (e.g. collecting leads on an iPad during a trade fair).

CRM contacts

CRM contacts can be tracked over multiple sessions on the same device; not matter if they leave a funnel and come back or change data even after they've already converted.

Good to know 💡
This contact definition is beneficial for all other cases, where people, coming through ads or any other source, visit your funnels and enter data.

Inception date for tracking CRM contacts (i.e. July 1st 2023)

CRM contacts leverage our newest tracking engine, which means your CRM will show all contacts collected after July 1st.

To also view contacts collected before July 1st 2023, you can go to Analytics > Contacts.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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