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Which contact fields are created automatically?
Which contact fields are created automatically?

Learn which fields are automatically displayed in your CRM area

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When you click on one of your collected leads in the CRM area, you will see a contact card on the right with all the information about your lead. There you will find different types of fields:

System Fields

A group of system fields are automatically created for every new funnel CRM:

  • Person: First + Last Name

  • Created at: Date and time the contact converted

  • Status: Label signifying a contact's step in the nurturing process (initially set to whichever status option is marked 'Default')

Funnel Fields

Additionally, every "Interaction"-type funnel block that you use to collect visitor data gets its own automatically created and tracked CRM field.

This includes information gathered through any of these block types:

  • Quiz

  • Multi-Choice

  • Choice

  • Upload

  • Webinar

  • Message

  • Form

  • Calendly

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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