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How do I use a contact's status field?
How do I use a contact's status field?

Discover what you can do with the 'Status' field in your CRM area

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Status is a contact property we've specifically introduced for the new CRM. Its primary purpose is to help you track your contacts throughout their nurturing journey; no matter your use-case.

Using 'Status' in Your CRM:

  1. Assigning Statuses: You can assign statuses to your leads based on where they are in the lead nurturing journey.

  2. Modifying Statuses: You can change a lead's status directly from their profile card or by moving the contact card within the Kanban view.

How to Customize 'Status':

  • Renaming: You can change the name of any status to better fit your process.

  • Adding or Removing: Add new statuses or remove ones that are no longer needed.

  • Color-Coding: Change the color associated with each status for easier visual identification.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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