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Upgrade your V3 Funnel to V4
Upgrade your V3 Funnel to V4
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Why should you upgrade?

Upgrading to V4 is essential to get the most out of Perspective for you and your Business. Here's why:

CRM Access: Our latest CRM feature, designed for managing and nurturing captured leads, is exclusively available for V4 funnels.

Enhanced Tracking: Our V4 tracking engine offers unparalleled precision and real-time tracking capabilities.

  1. Improved data handling: No more "missing properties" for contacts in webhooks, Zapier, or email data.

  2. Refined "Funnel Completed" triggers: Ensures triggers only activate when a visitor doesn't start on a result page, resolving issues with multiple triggers and empty data.

  3. Faster data delivery: KPI boxes, Page-to-page conversion, and Insights UI now receive data more quickly, especially noticeable for long-running funnels.

How to upgrade?

Upgrading a V3 funnel is as easy as duplicating it. The resulting funnel will feature all advantages mentioned above. After switching to the new funnel, you can easily archive the original one.

Note 💡

Duplicating a funnel does not copy tracking-related settings. To ensure smooth sailing for your duplicated Funnel, check the following things:

  1. Event Mapping: Update event mappings for Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn to make sure the events in the new funnel are properly tracked.

  2. Zapier Integration: If you're using Zapier to automate workflows, update the Zaps that are connected to your original funnel to work with the new one.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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