How to upload a custom font

⚡ Introducing the custom font upload feature.

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⚡ Introducing the new custom font upload feature.

Now, you can use any custom font you want in your Perspective funnels, taking customization to the next level. Live out your creative vision and use custom fonts to perfectly match the idea you envisioned, add a unique typographic identity, and align perfectly with your brand, aesthetic preferences, or specific tone you want to convey.

The feature to upload custom fonts is available with the Advanced plan onwards. Please find our pricing & feature overview on our pricing page.

Note 💡
Your font file should have the format .woff, .ttf or .oft.

You can use online file converters to convert other files to these formats.


Follow our step-by-step video guide and learn how to easily upload your own font:

Step by step instructions

We have listed all the important steps for uploading your font here:

Navigate to the design section of the funnel and click on the edit theme button.

Click on the font drop down and navigate to the bottom, clicking + Add font.

Make sure to upload a .woff file, as it serves as a compressed font format designed to optimize the loading speed of your funnel, ensuring a speedy, ideal, and efficient visitor experience like always.

And you're done 🚀

How to delete a custom font

To delete a font, hover over a font and click the trashcan.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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