🍅 If you have received an order notification for your anti-waste basket but the person has not come to collect it, then you do not have to wait for them beyond the pick-up time. 🕢

Don't worry, this basket will be counted on your next bill 💸 Although the basket has not been save, it is the user’s fault as he/she did not show up (the user has the opportunity to cancel his order up to 3 hours before the end of the basket retrieval slot).

👉 You can contact the Phenix team at commerce@wearephenix.com to inform us of the number of the order that has not been collected!

Specific case: if your basket contains low perishable MDD products and can be returned to the customer in the following days, we may offer the customer, with your agreement, to come back at a later date to retrieve the basket and save the products. 😉

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