You have just registered your business on your Phenix professional space

Welcome and thank you for your commitment against waste!

You just need to fill in a few more details before you can create and publish your first waste-free basket ad! 😃

The different steps to finalize the creation of your account:

Enter your business information

👉 Log in to your Phenix professional space.

👉 In the top right menu, click on "My store info"

👉 Now fill in the various information requested:

1. My business 🍋

  • Enter the name of your business

  • Choose your type of business from the drop-down list: bakery, greengrocer, grocery shop, organic shop, butcher, etc. 🥗🥩🥐

  • Write a short, positive and engaging description of your business. Here are some ideas to help you, but feel free to be creative and original! Examples: your local business is committed against food waste / Together let's fight against waste / Come and save our unsold goods, save money and enjoy! / etc..

  • Indicate a valid address so that users can geolocate you on the application. Tip: if you need to give additional details to access your business, add them in the description of your ads. This way the user will receive them in their order confirmation and won't be able to miss you! 😵

  • Upload a representative image of your business and the products you sell. Make users want to come and discover your business with an appetizing picture! Avoid dark images or storefronts... 🙏

  • Finally, indicate the pick-up times for your baskets: this is the time slot during which buyers can come and pick up their order in your business. We advise against setting a pick-up time of less than ½ hour. The times shown here will be applied by default to all your new listings, but you can then adjust them for each individual listing if required.

  • Don't forget to click the 'Update' button to save!

2. Orders notifications 📲

When a customer buys one of your waste-free baskets (or when a customer cancels their order at least 3 hours before the end of the pick-up time-slot), we need to send you an SMS and/or e-mail notification. You must therefore enter your contact details here. You can change them at any time. Don't forget to click on the 'Update' button to save.

3. Account information 👨👩

This section contains the name of the account manager, his/her login email to the business space and a contact phone number.

Note: these may be different from the order notification details shown in the previous box. If you change them, remember to click the 'Update' button to save.

4. Change your password 🔒

This is where you will be able to reset your password directly from your merchant area. If you change it, don't forget to click on the 'Update' button.

You're done! 👏

Your retailer account is now complete and you can create your first ad to save your unsold goods!

Your bank details will also need to be filled in by the end of the month so that you can collect the proceeds of your waste-free basket sales by bank transfer at the beginning of each month.

💡 Liens utiles

Access my Phenix professional account in one click

How to create a new ad?

How do I fill in my bank details?

🧁Need help?

Need help to finalise your business space ? don't hesitate to contact our team and write at the number and email indicated in your space 🙂

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