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How do I message the vendor before I order?
How do I message the vendor before I order?

Communication between Editors & Photographers

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All communication between vendors and customers takes place within projects on the Pixlmob platform. If you'd like to test a vendor's skills, we recommend placing a small order of 3-5 photos from the vendor. This will also allow you to open a dialogue with the vendor to further explore his capabilities.

By keeping communication within the projects on Pixlmob, we can:

  • Eliminate spam messages from vendors to customers.

  • Protect customers from abusive or excessive communication from vendors.

  • Reduce scams by ensuring requests for additional payments or free work are monitored and handled appropriately.

  • Provide important context to resolve disputes.

Additionally, when a vendor joins Pixlmob, he agrees to the Terms of Use in which vendors are strictly and explicitly prohibited from communicating with customers off of the platform or trying to solicit business away from Pixlmob. Any vendor who violates these Terms of Use may be banned from the platform.

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