Manager - Configuring WiFi Settings

Step-by-step guide on how to add/remove networks from a WiFi Plugzio Device

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Initial Requirements

  • This article assumes that you have a Plugzio Management account. If you have not created a management account, please follow the Manager - Registration & Get Started guide.

  • You will need to have a WiFi device powered on and registered to your account. If you have not registered the device and would like information on how to do so, please follow the Manager - Registering Devices guide.


Locate and power on the WiFi Device

  • Ensure that the Plugzio WiFi device is powered on and the status LED is blinking green. Blinking green means that the device is searching for a WiFi network to connect to.

  • WiFi devices can be identified by the WiFi logo on the front panel of the device. A sample of the WiFi logo can be seen below.

  • Once you have powered on and identified your WiFi device you can either "Configure an online Plugzio device" or "Add a custom network to your Plugzio Device via Bluetooth".

  • Note that Plugzio WiFi devices can currently only connect to discoverable WiFi networks. Hidden networks are not supported at this time.

Configure an online Plugzio device

  • Plugzio WiFi devices that are connected to the internet can also be configured remotely on the "Network Configuration" page

  • Plugzio WiFi devices all have a default network stored in memory which you can use to easily connect them to the internet.

  • This network has the following configuration:

SSID: Plugzio

Password: WelcomePlugzio

Security: AES/TKIP

Encryption: WPA2-Personal

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

  • If you configure your router's access point or hot spot a mobile phone to match the default network information, the WiFi Plugzio device will automatically connect to the network. To learn how to hotspot your phone you can read this article.

  • Once connected to the network, the LED will change from blinking green to breathing white.

  • Once the device is connected, navigate to the navigate to the "Device Management" page via the left navigation menu.

  • On the "Device Management" page click the "Network Configuration" button on the top of the page.

  • Once on the "Network Configuration" page, file the device you would like to connect to and click arrow button to expand the tile.

  • If the device is connected you should see network information as well as the option to "Add Network" and "Clear Networks"

  • Select the "Add Network" option and fill in your WiFi network details

  • Once the network is added to the device, you should see the new network under the list of "Stored Networks"

  • The device will automatically start scanning for and connecting to the stored networks. If the device is taking awhile to find the network, rebooting the device may help.

  • Once connected to the network, the LED will change from blinking green to breathing white.

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