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How can I connect Recharge to my account?
How can I connect Recharge to my account?

I need to add Recharge to my account

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Before setting up a connector, you'll need to ensure that your source already has data on it so that Polar can pull insights into the app.

From there, start by going to your Connector's page and looking for Recharge.

Click on Connect to Polar Analytics, then fill in the configuration information.

⚠️ To generate the API key you need to be the owner of the store or be given permission by the store owner. Read more on how to edit permission here ⚠️

To get the configuration information

  1. Login to your Recharge Admin Portal.

  2. Navigate to Apps > API tokens

  3. On the following page, click Create an Admin API Token to generate a new token for your store.

    Storefront refers to the possibility of your store connecting directly to Shopify to display custom and dynamic data which is not what we need here.

  4. Fill in the necessary information. In the Permission section, select the Read Access scope for each permission. Click Save to Create the Access Token.

  5. Copy and paste the API token into your Polar Analytics connector.

  6. Click on Connect and you are all set!

Just wait for the data to load :)

Important note about your Recharge data

By default, charges are processed for recurring queued orders after midnight Eastern Time (ET) for the current day. Link to Recharge Time zones FAQ

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