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How can I connect Amazon Ads to my account?
How can I connect Amazon Ads to my account?

I need to add Amazon Ads to my account

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Before setting up a connector, you'll need to ensure that your source already has data on it so that Polar can pull insights into the app.

Once you've verified the above, start by going to your Connector's page and look for Amazon Ads.

Click on Configure then, under "Region", select the Region of the country you selected when registering your Amazon Ads account. Select an attribution window and the account you are trying to connect.

Make sure you have the correct permissions on your Amazon ads account before adding them to Polar.

'advertiser_campaign_view' and 'advertiser_campaign_edit'

The data will be there at the next refresh, and you will be able to find this data on the Acquisition page, Key Indicators, and in your Custom Reports.

Note: Keep in mind that Polar only has access to Sponsored Product Type ads from Amazon.

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