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Where can I find my Polar invoices?
Where can I find my Polar invoices?

This article details where you can access invoices if you're on a paid plan with Polar.

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If you're on a paid plan with Polar and would like to access your invoices, you can access those directly from your payment provider (depending on whether you pay through Shopify or Stripe).

If you pay through Shopify, all invoices and payments will be handled through the Shopify app store. You can access your invoices by navigating there - this article provides more detail into where you can access this information.

If you pay through Stripe, you’ll received your automated monthly invoices directly to your email inbox.

There is no central location in the Polar app where we store invoices, but if you're having an issue accessing them from either Shopify or Stripe, let us know via the in-app live chat and we'll be happy to assist.

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