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When is my data refreshed?
When is my data refreshed?

This article details when you'll see refreshed data in Polar Analytics, based on your plan.

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Your data refresh in Polar Analytics is dependent on the plan you're currently enjoying.

On the Analyze plan, we refresh data once daily at 1 AM in every account's time zone (however, if a connector is syncing data for multiple accounts and these accounts are in different time zones, then the connector will sync hourly instead).

On the Analyze and Enrich plan, we enable the intra-day refresh feature which will re-sync your data as often as possible, based on when the data is available from each sources' API. The intra-day refresh will ensure you have access to fresh data as frequently as each hour. Keep in mind that as we are dependent on the API of each data source, there can occasionally be refresh delays.

Regarding time zones, in Polar Analytics, we have decided to show the data for a particular date (regardless of the time zone shift).
For example, you may have stores in:

  • New York (UTC-5)

  • London (UTC)

  • Auckland (UTC+13)

When you select the date of the 15th of January 2022 on the app's date range, we will compute and display the data for the 15th of January for each time zone.
With that said, Polar Analytics will:

  • Sync, process, and display the data of the Auckland store on the 14th of January 2022 at 12:00 UTC (13 hours prior to the London store).

  • Sync, process, and display the data of the London store on the 15th of January 2022 at 01:00 UTC.

  • Sync, process, and display the data of the New York store on the 15th of January 2022 at 06:00 UTC (5 hours later than the London store).

Therefore, the data will be 100% accurate (and the total number of orders will be ready to be sent by email) only after the New York store (the Easternmost store) has been fully processed. If you have stores in multiple time zones as in the example above, keep in mind that there may be delays between the times when your stores' data are ready based on their time zones.

Keep in mind that there are a few connectors that have default time zone settings in Polar (or in the sources' API itself):

  • Google Analytics is based on the timezone in your Polar settings

  • Google Sheets are always UTC

  • Pinterest is always UTC (as the Pinterest API is in UTC)

  • Recharge is always EST (as the Recharge API is in EST)

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