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How can I calculate my CAC by Product?
How can I calculate my CAC by Product?

This article details how you can leverage Custom Dimensions to calculate your Blended CAC by Product.

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In order to calculate your Blended Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by Product, you'll need to create a Custom Dimension that assigns product titles based on the campaigns used to target each product. As the two elements of CAC in Polar are Ad Spend and New Customer Orders, and we can't break down Ad Spend by Product Title without first creating the dimension to determine which ads target each product.

Keep in mind that if your campaigns do not target specific products, this method is not applicable. For that reason, we recommend adding Product Titles (and any other identifying information that you might want to track campaigns on, such as targeted country) into your campaign names.

How-To: Calculate CAC by Product with Custom Dimensions

Step 1: Ensure that your campaign names clearly notate which products they target.

Step 2: Launch the Custom Dimension builder to create a breakdown that will assign product titles based on campaigns used to target each product.

You can launch the Custom Dimension builder here.

Step 3: Within the Custom Dimension builder, you'll need to replicate the setup below, using your own product titles instead of "Product A", "Product B", etc.

You'll need to add rules for both your ad sources as well as Shopify to map each product to a campaign.

  • When

    • Campaign (from your ad source) Contains [Product Title]

    • OR

    • Product titles in order (from Shopify) Contains [Product Title]

  • Then '{Product Title}'

  • Else 'OTHER' (or whatever you'd like to be returned when the "When" statement conditions aren't met)

  • Repeat the above process using additional "When" blocks for each of your products.

Keep in mind as you're building this Custom Dimension that you'll need to add additional "When" blocks for each product that you'd like to do this analysis for. In addition, you'll need to add additional "OR" rules within your "When" blocks for any additional marketing sources that you also run campaigns for, using the same structure.

You can add anything you'd like for your "Else" statement.

Once you're finished building your Custom Dimension with the necessary "When" blocks, save the dimension.

Step 4: Lastly, you can create a Custom Report pulling in "Blended CAC" and breaking this metric down by the Custom Dimension you just created. You can see an example report of this below.

Note: If you are using Google Shopping, you will soon be able to import costs by item ID and map the item IDs to your Shopify SKUs. Let us know if you're interested in learning more about this process.

If you'd like assistance building the Custom Dimension detailed above in order to analyze your Blended CAC by Product, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team via the in-app live chat.

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