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Our new Tours feature can be used for routing a tour across many different markets and venues or for a multi-night run at your venue.
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Prism Tours allows you to group shows together as part of a tour and build tour-wide offers and settlements. Multi-night runs can also be built out as a tour deal in Prism.

  • Keep everything in one place: See all the shows on your tour in one place, and drill into any single show to view holds, offers and settlements, files, notes and more.

  • One deal, multiple shows: Build the artist's tour deal, and Prism will automatically add it to all the events on the tour.

  • Cross-collateralize your tour deal: Choose the cross-collateralize option when building your deal, and Prism will calculate the artist bonus after all your combined expenses are covered.

Add an Event to a Tour

If Tours is enabled on your account, you will have the ability to add an event to a tour. Tours allows you to group multiple events into one tour. Create one event for each leg of your tour or each night of your multi-night run and group them under the Tour.

Add a New Event to a Tour

After adding the Event Name, create a new tour by typing the name of the tour and hitting Enter or select an existing tour from the dropdown. We recommend to add the name of the market to the Event Name for easier identification, for example, "HOU - Megan Thee Stallion" and "ATX - Megan Thee Stallion."

Add an Existing Event to a Tour

Add an existing event to a tour by going to the Event page, click the three dot menu in the top right corner of the event, and select "Event Settings." On the Event Settings page in the "Tour Settings" section either type the name of a new tour and hit Enter or select an existing tour from the dropdown.

Navigate to a Tour

When an event is part of a tour, the Tour Name will be displayed at the top of the event above the Event Name. Clicking on the purple Tour Name on any event associated with the tour will take you to the Tour dashboard, where you can see every show and the talent deal associated with this tour or multi-night run.

Create a Tour Deal

Tours gives you the ability to build one artist deal for all events on the tour. Revenue and Expenses will be tracked on the individual events and summarized in the Tour Offer.

Build a Tour Deal

To start, create events with Revenue (i.e. ticketing) and Expenses specified at the event level and then group the events in a Tour. The quickest way to do this is to apply event templates to the Events or Duplicate the Events and adjust the Revenue and Expenses as needed.

When building a tour deal, the artist deal will be built on the Tour's Talent tab. Navigate to the tour and select the Talent Tab. Here you will create a tour deal the same way you would on any other show by clicking the Add Artist button.

You have the ability to add different guarantees for each event grouped in your tour. You will also have a new option to cross-collateralize the deal to calculate the artist's bonus at the end of the Tour.

After saving the artist deal on the tour, the artist deal will appear on each individual event's Talent tab and be marked as a Tour Deal (see below). To make any changes to the Tour deal, edit the Tour deal on the Tour talent tab.

Note: Tour talent deals will be added to an event, alongside any other talent deals that are added to that individual event. If you apply an Event Template that already has a talent deal to an event on a tour, you'll see multiple deals -- the event-specific talent deal and the tour talent deal. You can remove the event-specific artist deal by clicking the three dot menu next to the offer button and selecting "Remove Artist" to leave only the tour talent deal.

Generate a Tour Offer

After updating the individual events' Revenue and Expenses and creating the Tour Deal, generate the Tour Offer on the Tour's Talent tab by clicking the green Offer button.

The Tour Offer will summarize the payout across all shows in the tour, sum expenses across all events, and sum ticket revenue.

Confirm Tour Events

As tour dates start to confirm, mark the events as Confirmed as you would on any other event in Prism. Once all the events in the tour are confirmed, the Internal Settlement tab appear on the Tour page.

Settle a Tour

Keep track of Revenue and Expenses on the individual events throughout the tour or multi-night run. If you are using a ticketing integration, link each Prism event to the ticketing event and bring ticket counts into Prism in real time.

When the Tour or multi-night run ends and you have updated Revenue and Expenses, produce a Tour Settlement from the Tour's Talent tab. On the Tour's Talent tab, click the three dot menu next to the offer button, hover over Settlement and click "Preview." The Tour settlement will calculate the final payout and summarize all ticket Revenue and Expenses across all events.

Tour Adjustments

Adjustments can be created on any of the individual events under the 'Shows' tab in the Tour dashboard.

To add an adjustment, click into the three dot menu next to the 'Offer' button on the talent deal in an event. Enter the adjustment details and click 'Save'.

Click here to learn more about the different types of adjustments in Prism.

All of the adjustments from the events in a tour will get factored into the tour-level artist payout:

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