Important: To perform the following steps you need to be logged in as user with administration permission.

Under menu item Users existing user can be edited (1) or added (2).

When adding users the following window opens:

Add all user data and set to "active" (1) .

IMPORTANT: Username has always to be in the following format: "your tenant name"_"username", e.g. pulpo_user1.

Note: The employee ID can be used to link PULPO WMS to other systems for analysis. It is not mandatory.

Language: PULPO WMS offers the possibility to set the preferred language per user. The following should be considered:

  • If a different language is chosen in the PULPO WMS Android App than the one specified in the PULPO WMS Web App, the user will be asked if the app should be restarted with the different language.

  • If no language is set in the PULPO WMS Web App English will be set as default.

  • The PULPO WMS Android App is available in more languages than the Web App: If a language is set for the user, that is not available in the Web App (e.g. Russian), the Web App will default to English.

The following steps must be completed in the user setting (2):

  1. Selection of Warehouses in which the user will be working

  2. Selection of Profiles. Note: By default all available profiles should be selected.

  3. Selection of Tag. Note: By default all available tags should be selected.

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