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The Stock option in the PULPO WMS Web App is a real-time information tool that tracks all products, quantities and their positions inside the warehouse. This article will explain how to use this option in the Web App.

  1. Click on the Stock option of the left side menu of the PULPO WMS Web App.

2. A Search stock dialog will automatically appear to filter the stock search. If no filter is set, the entire warehouse stock will be shown (If there are more than 100,000 SKUs, this may take a few seconds). The options to filter are the following:

  • Choose location types: The user can choose, from a drop-down menu, any location types available in the warehouse

  • Choose stock states: Choose a state for the products to search for. Default state will be "available"

  • Search product: Type the specific name of the product to be searched

  • Choose supplier: Type the specific name of a supplier to search for products related to that supplier

  • Search location: Type a specific location where to search for products

3. After clicking the SEARCH button, a list of names of the found products matching the filters is displayed. The product's SKU code, position and quantity will also be displayed (select the Show columns option). On the right side of the screen, a summary of information for any selected product can be shown.

For performing another search, simply click on the SEARCH button at the lower right side of the screen. The user can also make use of the CLEAR ALL FILTERS option located at the upper right side of the screen to reset all previously given criteria and perform a new search without mixing any searching information. The global search bar, locater at the upper right side of the screen, can also ease the search of a product or any other item.

💡 PULPO TIP: A stock report CSV file can be created and downloaded for the shown stock (Click on the CSV DOWNLOAD button at the /upper left side).

Keep an eye on expiring products!

By clicking on the EXPIRING PRODUCTS tab, the employee can quickly see and check stock for all lot type products inside the warehouse. The list shows the name of the product, the batch number, its position, quantity and the expiration date for the different lots. The information can be filtered by using the calendar option or the search bar located at the upper part of the screen.

❗️ NOTE: Lot product's information is very important to prevent products from expiring inside the warehouse.


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