Note: Make sure no open tasks (picking, movement, packing) exist before auditing and changing stock for a position.

Counting tasks are accessed via the menu item Counting tasks (1). In that view it is possible to filter counting task according to status (2) or create new counting tasks (3).

Counting tasks can have one of the following status:

  • Open: Counting task is waiting to be processed.

  • In progress: Warehouse worker accepted task in the PULPO WMS Android App. The task must be processed after being accepted.

  • Finished: Counting task is finished by the warehouse worker in PULPO WMS Android App and now waiting to be audited tine Web App.

  • Closed: Task has been audited in the Web App. Existing stock changes were logged in PULPO WMS.

  • Cancelled: Task has been cancelled before being finished.

Counting tasks of the following types can be generated:

  • Product and position: The product and the position that should be counted are specified. Only positions containing the respective product are available when creating the task.

  • Position: Only the position is specified. All products in that position need to be counted.

  • Multiple: Extension to type Positions: Areas of the warehouse are defined for counting task. All products in those positions need to be counted. This type should be selected when a complete inventory count is performed.

In this article you can see how counting tasks are audited.

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