After creating or synchronizing a sales order in the PULPO WMS Web App, it will appear on the main screen of the Outgoing orders option. The complex filter will make it easier for the user to filter the outgoing orders by different characteristics.

The user only needs to click the filter button.

After that, the user has following options to filter the outgoing orders:

  • Filter by number of different SKUs. The user can filter the orders according to the number of different skus that an order contains. As the example shows, all orders will be shown that have 3 different SKUs.

  • Filter by total item quantity: The user chooses the desired quantity range of total item quantity and clicks on the button APPLY FILTERS. For example, the user wants to filter orders that contain from 3 to 5 total item quantity, therefore only orders with these characteristics will be displayed.

The filter overview shows the active filter information.

Once the orders are filtered as desired the user can create pickings for these selections. Please go to the Article Create pickings for orders or group of orders (batch picking) with specific characteristics to find more information.


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