If a pick task is brought to the packing position in PULPO WMS with finish early option without all products having been picked, the associated packing task is blocked until the missing products are deposited at the packing station.

If, however, shipping is still to take place - e.g. because the missing products are not available at short notice - the packing task can be released in the control station:

To do this, go to the Packing menu option (1) and filter the blocked packing tasks (2).

Then select the affected packing task (1) and unlock it by clicking on Unlock (2):

Warning: When using plentymarkets, the original sales order must also be adjusted. A correspondingly adjusted dialog will appear:

Important: If a split-picking was created for the missing products due to premature termination, this will be automatically deleted by the release of the packing task.

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