If during the picking the available amount of a product on a position is not sufficient and this is entered in the PULPO WMS Android App PULPO WMS offers the following options.

When clicking Yes, find other positions PULPO WMS will offer all positions where the product is available. A position can be chosen and the picking task will be adapted to pick from that position.

If Delete picking is selected the entire task will be canceled.

If products were already picked it is not possible to cancel the task.

In this case the task can be finished by clicking Finish early.

  • All products that were already picked need to be brought to a packing position.

  • For the missing products PULPO WMS will automatically create a picking task of type split. The split picking is also routed to the same packing position as all the other products from the order.

  • IMPORTANT: The packing task is blocked until the split picking is finished, i.e. until all product from that order are delivered to the packing position.

This article describes how you can see the stock for each product in a picking.

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