A kitting template defines a new product that consists of other individual products. For this new product it is necessary to create a dummy supplier, e.g. your own company. Here you can find more Information on how to create a supplier.

To create the kitting go to menu item products and add a new product and fill in the mandatory values:

  • SKU (1) - here you can assign a random unique number

  • Name (2) of you kit, e.g Christmas Box

  • Management type (3) - must be none

  • Key supplier (4) - the above mentioned dummy supplier

After creating the product, open the menu item kitting templates (1):

Add a new template and enter following values:

  • Template name (1), e.g Christmas box 2021.

  • Select the product you just created in Select product to be kitted (2)

  • Add all products and the respective quantities that make up the kit in Select necessary products for kit (3)

Now you can either manually create kitting tasks and store assembled kits in your warehouse or directly create sales orders containing kits.

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