PULPO WMS allows to create an outgoing order of type Warehouse movement in warehouse A that - once shipped - will automatically create a purchase order in warehouse B.

Important: Prerequisite for this is, that a supplier is created with the text TENANT_ID in the fields Identifier type and Identifier number:

For more information on how to create suppliers see this article.

Then create a new outgoing order of type Warehouse movement:

  1. Select type Warehouse movement

  2. Select the warehouse, from which the products should be picked and shipped

  3. Select the destination warehouse

  4. Set a shipment date

  5. Add products

For more information on the creation of outgoing order see this article.

Once the warehouse movement order is created it can be picked, packed and shipped like a regular outgoing order.

A matching purchase order will automatically be created in the destination warehouse and can be processed the same way as a regular purchase order using the PULPO WMS Android App.

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