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TRENDS - Realtime vs Historical Access
TRENDS - Realtime vs Historical Access


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Realtime Trends help you understand how trending topics on X play out globally. You can zoom in to country level as well as city level and see what's hot right now, and what's fading, helping you gauge what ideas and themes might work in certain markets or industries. In addition to an overview of what's trending right now, our Realtime Trends gives you a 24-hour time lapse view, allowing you understand where a topic has been the top trend in the last 24 hours. 

Access to Realtime Trends is easy and at the touch of a button on your Launchpad. Click Start Trial and you're ready to go!

With Historical Trends on the other hand, think Google Trends for social. This allows you to search and track the lifecycle of any trend, topic, X user, or link, and going back to 2006, in one year chunks. Gathering quick insights on a topic area has never been easier! 

Access to Historical Trends is free for the first 7 days of your trial. Once your trial expires, you can contact anyone in the Account Management team to discuss the various subscriptions available.  

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