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What is the Wizard?

Discover how Wizard search setups simplify creating searches within TRAC.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an initial understanding of the Wizard search method in Pulsar's platform

What is the Wizard?

A Wizard search, within the context of TRAC , is a user-friendly method for crafting precise searches by inputting keywords, hashtags, or phrases related to a specific topic, brand, or campaign. This streamlined approach to search setup allows for the efficient tracking of online presence, offering insights into audience behaviour and engagement. By utilising a variety of operators in the search process, users can refine their search parameters and obtain targeted, relevant results that contribute to a better understanding of their subject matter. This method also allows you to upload your query terms via a CSV uploader to create searches lightning fast!

Further Reading

We are currently developing resources to enhance your comprehension of the Wizard and its applications within TRAC.

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