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General Listening: The Feed

Discover how The Feed within TRAC helps you manage and analyse your data for better insights and decision-making.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose and functionality of The Feed.

  • Learn how to sort, tag, and manage your data effectively.

  • Discover the benefits of the Trash and Rejected subpages.

Unleash the Power of the Feed

The Feed allows you to view and interact with mentions within your search. It comprises of three subpages – Results, Trash, and Rejected, and offers multiple ways to engage with your data.


On the Results page, you'll find all mentions related to your search query, sorted by date as a default. You can do so much more with your mentions within Results as well!

  1. Sort: Choose from various parameters, such as Date Range, Visibility, AVE, Engagements, Impressions, Circulation, Likes, Review Rating, and Credibility Score.

  2. Ascending/Descending: You can choose which order you'd like o view your results

  3. Expand/Collapse: You can choose to view your mentions in a collapsed view which displays content without any media (Pictures, Videos) or expand which includes media.

  4. Export: There is the option to download all the content within your search.

    1. Please note you can only export 200,000 results at a time

Selecting multiple results will activate the Bulk Actions menu where you can do the following

  1. Reanalyse: You can manually reanalyse Location, Sentiment, Emotion, Topics, Entities, Visibility, Impressions or Credibility

  2. Tags: Bulk Tagging social posts and media items for easier organisation.

  3. Override Sentiment: You can choose to override the sentiment on the selected post

  4. Override Location: You can choose to override the location on the selected post

  5. Override Language: You can choose to override the language on the selected post

  6. Delete: Delete irrelevant posts and items.

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πŸ’‘ Top Tip: Within the Feed, you possess the capability to modify or update the sentiment, location, or languages attributed to individual posts. This flexibility allows for more accurate analysis and a better understanding of the nuances in online conversations, ensuring that your data accurately reflects the context and intent of the content.

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Mistakes happen, and that's where the Trash subpage comes in handy! It temporarily stores items you've deleted from the Results page, allowing you to review them later or restore any mistakenly deleted items.

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🚨 Important: Media items and social posts in "the Trash" will automatically be permanently deleted after 30 days.


The Rejected subpage contains posts that the platform automatically discards from your dataset based on your search setup rules. For instance, if a post's location or language doesn't match your criteria, it will be sent here. This helps ensure your dataset remains focused and relevant to your search specifications.

By utilising "The Feed", you can better manage and analyse your data, enabling you to make informed decisions and gain deeper insights into your searches.

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