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Radius ~ CDA Best Practices
Radius ~ CDA Best Practices

Your guide for managing SkySlope files and ensuring a smooth CDA approval process.

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This guide provides essential tips for managing your SkySlope files and ensuring a smooth Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) approval process. By following these best practices, you can avoid delays and ensure timely access to your commissions.

CDA Quick Tips

  • SkySlope File: Every transaction must have a SkySlope file, this includes outbound referrals, leases and new construction transactions.

  • Approval: Your file will be reviewed for CDA approval 7 days before the scheduled closing date.

  • A Compliant File: If your file is compliant/complete at the time of review, your CDA will instruct escrow to pay you directly at the time of closing.
    [Compliant File: All Required documents in your checklist have been approved]

  • A Non-Compliant FIle: If your file is not compliant/complete at the time of review, your CDA will instruct escrow to send the gross commission to Radius. Radius will then disburse your commissions to you directly once your transaction file is complete. [Non-Compliant File: Required documents in your checklist are Missing/Incomplete]

  • Avoid CDA Delays & Revisions: Ensuring your Skyslope file is submitted promptly upon acceptance, all necessary documents are complete and uploaded to your checklist, all commission-related notes are included, and your purchase price and close of escrow date are accurate, along with signing your DocuSign envelope in a timely manner, will prevent any delays with your CDA. See CDA Readiness Checklist below

Additional CDA Resources

For assistance with SkySlope, CDA revisions, Compliance, please email

CDA Readiness Checklist

Remember To

Why this is important

❒ SkySlope: Submit new accepted transactions to SkySlope within 48 hrs after acceptance.

Submitting your transaction upon acceptance allows our auditing team enough time for thorough review. This helps avoid delays in receiving your CDA by enabling timely corrections.

❒ SkySlope: Selected the correct checklist type.

Selecting the correct checklist ensures that all necessary document and local area requirements are accounted for.

❒ SkySlope: Attached all Required and any necessary If Applicable documents to their designated seats on the checklist.

Having your transaction checklist completed ahead of the closing date prevents any delays in obtaining your CDA and receiving payment upon closing.

SkySlope: Purchase Price is updated.

Your CDA is created using the info entered into your Skyslope file. If the purchase price is inaccurate in Skyslope, it will also be incorrect on the CDA

❒ SkySlope: Closing Date is updated.

The review of your file for CDA approval is scheduled according to your closing date in SkySlope. It's essential to keep this date updated to ensure timely issuance of your CDA. If your closing is happening earlier than planned, please make sure to update it in your Skyslope file.

❒ SkySlope: Commission Tab is updated.

It's crucial to include all relevant commission info in the commission tab of your Skyslope file. If this info is not added here, it will not be included in your CDA. Please ensure to add all notes in the "Additional Commission Info" section in order to avoid any CDA revisions.. See example below.

❒ SkySlope: Contacts Tab is completed.

Please be sure the escrow contact info is complete in the Contacts tab of your SkySlope file. Escrow will automatically receive the CDA via DocuSign, once you sign.

❒ DocuSign: Review and sign my CDA promptly.

Upon receiving the email notification to sign your CDA via DocuSign, please promptly sign to prevent any delays.

The DocuSign signing order is:
Team Lead->Agent->Broker->Escrow or Closing Attorney will receive a copy once all parties have signed

Additional Commission Information

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