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After successful registration on Reachbird you will get to your Reachbird dashboard. The following article will familiarize you with all the features.

Construction of the platform

We have built our platform so that you have everything in view. On the left side of the menu you will find different areas, which we will introduce to you in this article:

Reachbird Account Status

At the top of the menu you will always see your "Reachbird Account Status". This is displayed as a percentage and shows how professionally and completely your profile is filled out. The higher the account status, the more likely you are to receive cooperation requests from brands. Therefore, try to fill out your profile on Reachbird as best you can.


The dashboard gives a direct overview of all activities on Reachbird, your performance and valuable content. The dashboard includes the following areas:

1. account fitness

The Account Fitness is designed to help you compare your current performance on your linked social media accounts with all influencers registered on Reachbird. Each widget includes a metric and a "Compared to Reachbird" section which shows if you are better, the same or worse than the average on Reachbird.

2. your hall of fame

Your Hall of Fame contains your best posts including all engagement rates and number of comments and likes.

3. similar posts

You are curious who else is registered on Reachbird? Posts from similar Reachbird Influencers are suggested to you as weekly inspiration.

4. latest news

In the last section you will find blog posts with tips and tricks about influencer marketing.

Profile Details

Under "Profile Details" you can enter further information about your person. A detailed description of your person increases the probability of receiving a cooperation request. More information on how to enter your profile details can be found here.

Social Accounts

Under the menu item "Social Accounts" you can connect all your social media accounts. The more accounts you have connected, the more likely you are to receive a cooperation request. How to connect your accounts is explained here in further FAQs.

Your Campaigns

You can find all your campaign requests under the menu item "Your Campaigns". What you should do with a campaign invitation, we explain here.


All your earnings, credits and outstanding earnings can be found in the menu item "Payments". How the payment works at Reachbird, we tell you here.


So that you always have your activities on your linked accounts under control, we give you valuable insights about your profiles under the menu item "Statistics".


Under "Settings" you can store all the information necessary for smooth processing on Reachbird.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to enter your correct bank details and delivery address so that there are no problems with payment and shipping of products!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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