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Your music on Facebook and Instagram
Your music on Facebook and Instagram
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What happens if I choose Facebook/Instagram as a store?

We will make your music available on Facebook and Instagram's different music products and features:

I want my music to be available on Facebook/Instagram, what do I have to do?

For new releases, just choose Facebook/Instagram from the list of our partner services. All of our subscription packages include Facebook/Instagram.😊

Please note that some content is not approved for Facebook/Instagram such as meditation, yoga and sleep music, comedy recordings, classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain, audiobooks, podcasts, nature and wildlife recordings. Music with the same instrumental/beat/DAW loops as other available tracks and samples are also likely to be denied. Compilation albums will only be approved if none of the tracks are available already on Facebook/Instagram.

For the complete list of content that's not eligible on Facebook and Instagram, please visit this link.

Will I earn any royalties?

Yes, we will report back the usage on these services just like with any other store or music service.

How do I add lyrics to my music on Instagram Stories?

This is done via Musixmatch, and not via Record Union.

Musixmatch is super easy to use, and we recommend that all of our artists check it out. Read more about the lyrics feature here and visit their general helpdesk/FAQ here.

We are currently working on offering a service that will allow you to add lyrics to your music using our website. So stay tuned!

How do I add my song to a Facebook / Instagram Story?

It's very easy! This page contains the steps to do this.

How do I get verified on Facebook / Instagram?

You can apply to get your artist pages on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram with them directly. It's important to make sure that you are aware of the criteria for becoming verified: namely that your profile or page needs to be Authentic, Unique, Complete and Notable.

You can find out more here and apply for verification here.

Remember that if your page or profile doesn't meet the criteria for a verified badge, there are other ways to let people know it's authentic. For example, you can link to it from an official website.

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