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How do I add my song to a Facebook/Instagram Story?
How do I add my song to a Facebook/Instagram Story?
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Step 1

New release: Make sure to choose a store package that includes Facebook/Instagram, and wait for the release to go live. (It takes around 5-8 working days for us to process your release.)

Step 2


On the Facebook mobile app, go to your Profile, then click 'Add to Story' and tap on the 'Music' icon. On the search bar, type in the track title and artist name and tap 'Search'


On the Instagram mobile app, tap the '+' icon, choose 'Story', record a video or take a photo. Tap the 'Sticker' icon at the top of the screen, find the 'Music' sticker. On the search bar, type in the track title and artist name and tap 'Search'

Note: Please make sure you are using your personal Facebook/Instagram profile when searching for your music as business profiles can only use royalty-free music.


I can't find the Music sticker

As far as we understand, the Music sticker isn't available for all types of accounts and older versions of the app. Some territories might not have it yet either. We recommend visiting Instagram's official channels for more information. Also, please note this is only available on Instagram and Facebook's mobile app and not via a browser or a computer.

I can't find my track when I search for it!

You can check if you've added Facebook/Instagram to your release by going to Menu(โ‰ก) at the top right corner, click Your Music then go to the Submitted tab. On this page, all your published releases that have not been taken down will be displayed. Below the release title in question, you'll see the Facebook and Instagram logos. If you didn't, reach out to our support team so we can help you get your music to Facebook/Instagram.

It's important to mention that Facebook Meta's algorithms may currently struggle to effectively index new releases, especially those with short, generic titles or special characters. You may also try tracking your track by directly searching for its ISRC code in this format:

ISRC:XXXXXXXXXXXX (make sure to enter it without any spaces).

Please note that some content is not approved for Facebook/Instagram - such as meditation, yoga and sleep music, comedy recordings, classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain, audiobooks, podcasts, nature and wildlife recordings. Music with the same instrumental/beat as other available tracks and samples are also likely to be denied.

If your release includes at least one track that matches the content mentioned above, the entire release will be ineligible for delivery to Facebook and Instagram.

For the complete list of content that's not eligible on Facebook and Instagram, please visit this link.

When I click on the artist on the track, it says "No profile has been linked to this artist".

Facebook and Instagram have an algorithm that is working hard all the time to match tracks to their artists pages. In your case, it hasn't quite managed to link your Instagram account with your tracks yet. But don't worry, all the tracks will eventually link up to the correct page - thanks for your patience!

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