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How do I add my song to a TikTok post?
How do I add my song to a TikTok post?
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Step 1

Make sure to choose a store package that includes TikTok, and wait for the release to go live. (It takes around 2 weeks for us to process your release.)

Step 2

When TikTok has processed your release (remember this might take some time, as this is all new), you will be able to find your track by looking for it using the search button on the TikTok app, type in the track title and the artist name, click 'Search' and go to the 'Sounds' tab.

Note: Please make sure you are using your personal TikTok profile when searching for your music as business profiles can only use royalty-free music.

You can check if you've added TikTok to your release by going to the Menu > Your Music > Submitted where all your published releases that have not been taken down will be displayed. Below the release title in question, you'll see the TikTok logo. If you didn't, just reach out to our support team so we can help you add your music to TikTok.

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